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The Chemicals Between Us

The Chemicals Between Us

The Warm Cyborgs album is all about the disconnection brought about by the constant interface with the technology that was designed to bring us together. That made Bush's The Chemicals Between Us a natural addition to the album. The song is about disconnection, a lack of communication and a rift between two people. The current onslaught of technology, and the willingness of society to be nodes in a network of meaningless interaction, couldn't be summed up more perfectly.

To cap off the album, I wanted to use this song to demonstrate the power of connection. In our re-imagining of The Chemicals Between Us, you'll find 5 seperate independent artists all working together to bring this song to life. Using the technology at our disposal to do what it was meant to do... Bring us all together, to chase our true potential.

This song was recorded on a global scale. Artists from the USA, Canada, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom all contributed to this project with music and visual art alike. 7 is a number of completion, an indicator that things have come full circle. So on April 12th, I hope that you'll join us for the debut of Warm Cyborgs track number 7... The Chemicals Between Us.