Album Artwork for Dust

Track List

  1. Coil (Instrumental) [2024 Remaster]
  2. Violence (Instrumental) 
  3. SEVEN (Instrumental) [2024 Remaster]
  4. The Things We Choose to Lose (Instrumental) [2024 Remaster]
  5. Ouija
  6. When the Lights Go Down (Instrumental)
  7. Starlight (Instrumental) [2024 Remaster]
  8. The Gadget (Instrumental) [2024 Remaster]
  9. Octaves (Instrumental) [2024 Remaster]
  10. I'm Alright (Instrumental) [2024 Remaster]
  11. Signal (Instrumental) [2024 Remaster]
  12. Optimistic (Instrumental) [2024 Remaster]
  13. Disconnect (Instrumental) [2024 Remaster]


"Dust," is a compilation of instrumentals that have been recorded over the past two years. Removing the vocals and laying the instrumentation bare allows the music to more open to interpretation. There's typically quite a bit of instrumentation that goes into each track, sometimes it's nice to put the vocal aside and hear what is underneath it.

I've never been much for technicality, I've always been more about the sum of the pieces. Like many people have an internal dialog, as do I, I also live my life by an internal soundtrack that is always being written and revised. I imagine that when I die, this soundtrack is the dust I will return to.

It's brilliant... It's heavy... It just has an emotional weight to it.

Only the Host
Founder - Only the Label

Jonathan Hadley takes us on a personal journey through his formative years and beyond in this Dark, Emotional and gritty Album. Each track tells a story of pivotal moments in his life, some heartbreaking, some nerve shattering, but above all else genuine.

Mario Marino
Recording Artist - Only the Label